Businesses of all sizes and sectors are embracing renewable energy as a way to improve their environmental credentials, reduce carbon footprints, and cut emissions. By reducing their reliance on fossil fuels, commercial organisations can enhance their reputations, save money, and generate incremental income over the long term.

Green Edge Services provides a complete maintenance service for solar parks and commercial customers throughout the UK. The regular servicing of commercial systems, regardless of scale, ensures that everything works properly and reduces any risk to supply continuity. As well as delivering a highly responsive and competitive service for business owners, we also provide maintenance support for solar PV manufacturers and installers.

Solar panels have grown in popularity among UK businesses and investors. Converting sunlight into energy enables businesses to generate some or all of their own power and, in some cases, sell surplus energy to utility companies. Solar parks and solar farms sell energy to the grid, so any undetected faults contribute directly to a reduction in energy generation and income. We can quickly identify and repair faults using advanced thermal imaging technology. This rapid response enables you to minimise downtime and optimise performance to achieve the best possible return on investment. We follow all industry standards to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

Solar photovoltaic panels require regular maintenance to perform optimally. The accumulation of dust and dirt can degrade the functionality of photovoltaic cells. Mounted panels can also be damaged by vandals, animals, storms and other external factors. The regular servicing of PV panels will deliver numerous benefits. It will contribute towards a reliable supply of energy, ensure all quality standards are met, minimise downtime, and save money over the long term.

We operate with complete independence and, although we are authorised by leading manufacturers, we are not affiliated with any particular brand. We offer a variety of services that support the upkeep of solar photovoltaic systems:

  • Servicing
  • Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)
  • System breakdown and repair
  • Inspection and repair of transformers
  • Inspection and repair of cables
  • Inverter repairs and replacements
  • Module replacements
  • String repairs

We service, maintain and repair commercial solar PV systems for manufacturers, businesses and solar farms throughout the UK.

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